Welcome to the Jamestown, New York Housing Authority's Webpage. Our number one goal is to provide viewers with a brief, detailed and user-friendly overview of what our agency does and why we do it.

For starters, please keep in mind that all public housing authorities (PHA's) were created for the express purpose of providing clean, safe and even more importantly, affordable rental housing in the communities they serve. Here in Jamestown this mission began as early as 1950, although the first housing site wasn't actually opened to the public until 1969. Taking a vacant 10-story hotel and converting it to more than a hundred individual apartments, the JHA was soon off and running on its way to becoming an even larger and more important cog in the community's housing wheel.

With construction of the Fr. Rafael Senior High Rise in 1974, and the more recent development of the Chadakoin Centre Apartments in 2002, the agency now operates nearly 250 units of HUD subsidized public housing. In addition, the JHA has witnessed the growth of its Section 8 Rental Assistance Program to include nearly 300 housing vouchers, capable of assisting more than a thousand of the City's neediest adults and kids. In addition, the Family Self-Sufficiency component of Section 8 adds a new layer of opportunity for those individuals who aspire to home ownership and overall economic growth.

The Jamestown Housing Authority invites you to learn more about the places and the programs we offer by visiting the remainder of this website. You are also encouraged to call or write our office with any remaining questions, comments or concerns you may have. Together, we will assist you in determining whether or not you, or possibly a loved one, might be the right fit for independent apartment living at its finest and most affordable.


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